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Vimpol System AB is a company that develops and markets web-based systems for planning and monitoring within municipal / private care. Our office is located in the Aschanska Villan in the center of Umeå. The company is owned by Ekström Invest AB and Micael Darstedt, who all have many years of experience in digital aids for homecare and assisted living.
Our vision is to deliver user-friendly systems for municipal and private care. To facilitate work both as staff and as a planner. We are currently serving two systems to facilitate work in homecare and assisted living, Vimpol HT and Vimpol SB. The goal is to allow the staff to provide their clients with the best possible care and to make the work as easy as possible, both for staff and for planners.
We provide smart and user-friendly systems that simplify planning, monitoring and quality assuring for your business. The systems should be easy to use. An overly complicated system tends to create dissatisfaction and the result is that functions are not utilized no matter how smart they are, and tasks run the risk of getting missed.
A few basic things that constantly permeate our work are simplicity, ease of use and visual clarity. You should be able to start working with our programs easily and quickly. Everything should be so clear that you only require a quick glance to know which tasks needs to be done.
We strive to meet our customers’ requirements and develop the systems continuously.

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