MiniFinder Sweden AB – DI Gasell Winner in Kronoberg County


After several years of hard work to satisfy our customers with high-quality products and outstanding service, we at MiniFinder Sweden AB are happy and proud to receive our first DI Gasell and as the Gasell Winner in Kronoberg County! The prize is awarded to Sweden’s fastest organic-growth companies.

The DI Gasell Prize was established in 2000 by Dagens Industri, Sweden’s daily financial newspaper, to praise Sweden’s fastest-growing companies, with the aim of highlighting successful enterprises that generate new jobs. To become a Gasell, the company must meet a number of strict criteria including; organic growth, fast-growing sales, profitability and overall being of a sound business structure.

“Being awarded DI Gasell is a confirmation of the whole team at MiniFinder’s everyday hard work. It is also proof of the value of our security solutions for individuals, the public sector and companies. This reward also encourages us to continue our diligent work, and engage a higher gear, driving full-speed towards our next goal! ”says Dean Maros, founder and CEO at MiniFinder Sweden AB.

Requirements for this year’s Gaseller

A Gasell company must meet all the criteria below:

Revenue exceeding 10M SEK
Minimum of 10 employees
Have at least doubled their revenue – in comparison to the first and the last financial year in the considered period.
Increased their revenue every year for the last 3 years
Have a positive operating profit for the last 4 financial years
In essence grown organically, without acquisitions or mergers
Sound finances
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