Nordiskt forskarnätverk inom välfärdsteknologi – korta presentationer samt paneldiskussion

“Nordic Research Network for Health and Welfare Technology”
The aim of the Nordic research network is to consolidate knowledge, research, higher education and
experiences in the field of health and welfare technology (HWT) with a user perspective. Shared
experiences will benefit the Nordic countries, both at the citizen, personnel, supplier, organizational and
political level in the expected future work with an increased implementation of HWT.


The session will end with a panel discussion with the following speakers:

  • Gunn Hilde Rotvold, Forskningsledare Nasjonalt Center for eHelseforskning, Norge
  • Christine Gustafsson, Docent, Mälardalen University, Sverige
  • Birthe Dinesen, Professor, Leder af Laboratoriet for Velfærdsteknologi, Aalborg Universitet


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