Sweden’s national meeting place for welfare technology and e-health

Mötesplats Välfärdsteknologi och E-hälsa is a conference and trade show on the introduction of new technology in municipal healthcare and social services. Welfare technology leads to increased independence, security and participation in society if we take the needs and circumstances of the individual as our starting point. Some municipalities are already at the cutting edge in using technology in healthcare and social services, while others are at the starting line. MVTe offers lessons for all levels.

Why MVTe?

Sweden’s municipalities have previously lacked an arena where the focus was on their specific issues. MVTe brings Sweden’s municipalities together to share experiences, network, meet suppliers and learn more about welfare technology. The aim of MVTe is to provide inspiration and ideas for new ways of working, and to showcase good examples of how work on welfare technology can be shaped to make everyday life easier for the individual, with a focus on independent living.

For who?

The visitors to MVTe are mainly managers and officials in municipal healthcare and social services. Other attendees include politicians, operational developers, healthcare professionals and care providers, IT managers, lawyers and purchasers. The companies exhibiting at the trade show offer products, services and solutions in the field of welfare technology and e-health, such as mobile GPS alarms, remote control of electronics, mobile apps, telemedicine and technical support for reminders and structure in everyday life.

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Date: 21 – 22 January 2020
Location: Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5 Kista, Sweden

To Kista you can easily go by bus, plane, train, commuter or car. Kista is easy to reach from Stockholms airports Arlanda and Bromma airport. If traveling by car there are plenty of parking space avalible outside Kistamässan.

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